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We’ve created this tutorial for those who need help on how to download the products on our website. Downloading is easy and we hope this tutorial will guide you to download them without any problem, but always never hesitate to contact us if you experience any unresolved issues. We will try our best to help. Also, If you figure out any link is not working, please report it to us via this Contact Form. So, here is the tutorial, let’s get started.

Part 1 – Downloading the Products

1) VERY IMPORTANT! All files and links here are working well (tested one by one for many times without any failure). If you have any download problem, the only reason is you did not follow the instruction provided here. So, please read this.

Usually, when there’s a problem or even no problem on the internet connection, the download could be interrupted and caused the connection timed out or download failure. The downloaded file also might seems to be completed but the fact is, it’s not. This incomplete download is the main reason why the file get corrupted and cannot be opened.

So, to avoid any download issue, you need to use a Download Manager. We highly recommend you to use EagleGet to manage your download. This software integrates well with modern browser and never fails to work. Unfortunately, it only compatible with Windows/PC. If you’re a MAC user, you can try to use JDownloader.

2) To start downloading the products, simply click on the download link, or you can right click on the link and click ‘Save link as’ (also displayed as ‘Save target as’ etc depends on your browser).

Please make sure your download is 100% completed before you open the file.

Part 2 – Managing the Downloaded files

1) After finished downloading, you’ll find out the file format to be in Zip file. By Default, PC and MAC user will have no problem to open the Zip files. But, in case you need a Zip Utilities Software to manage the files better, we recommend a good and 100% Free Software for you. For PC user, I recommend you to use 7-Zip and for MAC user you can try iZip.

2) We’ve tested all the files several times and able to open them without any error. If you have a problem while extracting (unzip) the file, you can try to move (cut & paste) the file into drive or path C:\ and extract it there. Sometimes windows failed to extract a file with long file name because there’s a limit to the length or number of character for file path. By extracting it to drive C:\, it helps to make the path shorter and the problem will be solved.

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